Sunday, May 12, 2013

Census Sunday: William M Whiteside Family 1910

Lots of information about a family can be verified or discovered by looking at the census document.
In 1910, William M and Hattie Davis Whiteside were living in Niantic Township. William was older than Hattie and she had seven children, all of whom were living. Six children were still living at home and their ages are listed. (Their eldest daughter, Bernie, was already married.) William is a farmer who was born in Illinois and rents his farm.  He is 44 and Hattie is 39. They've been married 21 years (that makes 1889 the year of their marriage, so records can be found.)  Hattie would have been 18.   Their neighbors are listed, too.  The next thing to do is look at 1920! 

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