Monday, March 8, 2010

Lavina Shoemaker Marshall

1880 Census: Myrtle Sanders, age 5, living in the home of Greg and Lavina Marshall in Friends Creek Township, Macon County, IL. Listed as “cousin”. Lavina was a Shoemaker, daughter of Amanda Hollingsworth (sister to Mary Jane) and Unknown Shoemaker, which would have made her a first cousin to Eda and Will Sanders.

Will and Eda Sanders about ages 16 and 15 or so.

Children of George William and Mary Jane Hollingsworth

Eda Myrtle Sanders was born to George William and Mary Jane Hollingsworth Sanders on 24 Aug 1874 (Mt. Auburn, Christian, IL)

William Dallas Sanders. He was born on 06 Aug 1876 in Mt. Auburn , Illinois; picture probably taken in 1877.

Eda was about 3 1/2 and Willie was about 17 months old when their mother, Mary Jane Hollingsworth Sanders, died in 1878. When Eda had grown up a bit, she went to live with her cousin, Livina ShoemakerMarshall and husband Greg Marshall and worked in her boarding house. In the 1880 census, she is shown as age 5.Willie was raised by Frank Sanders , his uncle and his aunt, Annais Hollingsworth Sanders, who was a sister to Mary Jane.(It is unclear if or how Frank Sanders is related to George William.) Their father, George William Sanders, was a “traveling man” and was not settled down enough to raise the children.