Thursday, May 5, 2011

Levi Hollingsworth Married in 1798

According to the U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (an on-line database), Levi Hollingsworth married Charity Hollingsworth in 1798 in South Carolina. By 1840, the families of Levi, Abram, Eli, and Nehimiah are all living in Helt Township, Vermillion County, Indiana.

Levi Hollingsworth Bible

Levi Hollingsworth was the father of Eli Hollingsworth who was the father of Mary Jane Hollingsworth Sanders. This is the transcription of the Bible Records of Levi Hollingsworth, from the files of the Decatur Genealogical Society, as transcribed in 2009.
Bible Record – Hollingsworth File (unknown original source)
Decatur Genealogy Society, Decatur, IL

Transcribed by S.H.Ridgley, 14 Oct 2009

The age of Levi Hollingsworth and his family –

Levi Hollingsworth was borne the 26th of 7 month 1771 and was married to Charity Hollingsworth the 20th of the 12 months 1798.

Hannah Hollingsworth was born the 28 of 9 month 1799.

Neremiah Hollingsworth was borne the 10th of 9 mo 1801

Naomi Hollingsworth was borne the 15th of 3 mo 1800

Silas Hollingsworth was borne the 25th of 7 mo 1807

Eli Hollingsworth was borne the 11th of the 2 mo 1810

Huldah Hollingsworth was borne the 23rd of 7 mo 1812

Abram Hollingsworth was born the 8th of 6 mo 1815

Susanna was borne the 15 of 6 mo 1816?

….birth by Huldy? 26th of 8 month 1832
His death the 16h of the 9 mon 1832

Susannah Hollingsworth left home the 25 of 12 month 1839 and was married the 16th day of 11 month 1840.