Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sanders Side

George W Sanders + Harriet Singleton

George William Sanders-(John-1)[3] was born about 1823 in TN. He died about 1860 in TN. He married Harriet Singleton on 11 Jan 1845 in Wilson, Tennessee, USA[2]. She was born about 1825 and died about 1850 .

Their Marriage Record #10, Wilson County, TN 11-Jan-1845 was found on

As can be seen in the two records , the names are George W. Sanders and Harriet Singleton. (The record is listed on as “Marnel” Singleton, clearly a transcription error.) They were married in Wilson, Tennessee, where George W. II’s obituary says he was born in 1844 ( which may be incorrect as the place was later found to be Illinois.) It was not uncommon for marriages to be later than births, as the Justice of the Peace may have traveled around from place to place and was only available at certain times. This documentation proves they were married the 11th of January in 1845 by Saml Bond, Justice of the Peace.

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